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Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).


We are investment and portfolio managers and we invest on Cannabis, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, and an increasing number of third party clients in various instruments across the money, fixed income, equity and property markets.

Yes we do offer loan or credit facilities.

As a result of the large amount of funds we control and our exceptional relationships with various banks and financial organizations, we are able to negotiate better rates than would be available to most individual investors.

The minimum investment amount is $1,000.00 for our Best Buy plan and $15,000.00 for our Professional portfolio.

You can monitor your investment by logging in to your account's dashboard.

You can d this from the funding page on your dashboard.

Given our track record, experience and expertise, we ensure that our customers’ investments are invested with the utmost care, noting the type of investment the client is willing to invest in.

No you do not. You would get a portfolio ID number with us.

General Questions

Is the rate guaranteed?

Yes, we do offer guaranteed rates of return on all of our products.

If I withdraw what happens to the rest of my account balance?

Depending on the investment product, interest is accrued on a daily basis on the balance even after the withdrawal is made.

What is the ‘current value’ of my investment?

Depending on the type of investment product, the current value would be the current rate the investment is performing.

How do I cancel my transaction?

You can choose to ignore the transaction and it gets automatically canceled or you can contact the support team to effect the cancellation immediately.

Why does my transaction take so long?

All our transactions are automated, if yours takes long then this is caused mainly by the bitcoin or financial organisation's network.